Sirius Hoe

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The ultimate multi-purpose hoe for the veg plot

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At under a kilo in weight, well balanced and with a long, shaped limewood shaft, we find this tool very useful on the vegetable plot. We use it for everything from uprooting perennial weeds, to hoeing drills, to earthing up the potatoes. The triangular head allows versatility in digging: delicate work with the point and more substantial digging with the whole head. Both sides are sharp, so it digs in easily. We use the edges to break the soil into a fine tilth. The side can also be used to spread the soil, and the head firms it down.

Length: 4ft 2ins, 128cm

Blade length: 6 1/2ins, 17cm

Blade max width: 5 1/4ins, 13.5cm

Weight: 1lb 4oz, 0.85kg


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 128 × 17 × 13.5 cm

4 reviews for Sirius Hoe

  1. Jane Cobbald

    Some feedback from our customers:

    “… the best gardening tool I ever bought – suspend disbelief and buy it. It is easy to use and readily chops out weeds, breaks new ground and is ideal for earthing up onions, potatoes, etc.”
    Richard Kelly, UK

    “Absolutely brilliant. Perfect to use – so light and easy. Just the right size and weight, and it’s true – it has helped to reduce the slug population. My best tool.”
    F.L. Clack-Elliott, UK

    “The Sirius Hoe was incredible for weeding great swathes of nettles. I would highly recommend it to fellow gardeners.”
    Maggie, Tuppenny Barn Ltd, UK
    “This hoe was to be one of many copper items I purchased as I am a huge Viktor Schauberger fan having read his book on the elements.

    Its good for me as it has proved to be so useful I haven’t needed to buy another item. Not so good for you that it is so versatile I have not needed to buy more tools. I will be adding to my Christmas list this year because the quality and workmanship of your items is second to none. Top class. Many thanks.”
    Lynda Briers

    Having just planted over a hundred potato tubers, I found this tool a god send when it came to dragging a trench and when earthing up. Fast becoming one of my favourites!
    Andrea, South Derbyshire

  2. Emyr Griffiths

    I bought a Sirius hoe 12 or 13 years ago. It was THE best gardening tool I have ever used. I had back problems around the time I bought it, and never fancied digging with a normal spade or fork. It is so lightweight, yet so sturdy and functional.

    I break up the ground with it, earth up potatoes, dig potatoes, weed, draw seed drills and more. It is so versatile.

    A few years ago it disappeared. I felt really lost without it. I used it, together with the Pegasus pick for all my ground breaking work in the garden. Only lack of funds prevented me replacing it.

    Earlier this year I found it buried in long grass by my compost heap. I was amazed! After 3/4 years out in the elements only the outer 2/3mm of the limewood handle had decayed. I scraped off the decayed wood and was very surprised to find solid wood underneath. The handle is not as smooth as it was when new because of the decay, but it is still perfectly functional.

    I am so delighted to have found it and use it again. It is so much lighter and versatile than the chillington hoe I was given to replace it.

    • Jane Cobbald

      Hi Emyr

      Thank you for this. I’m impressed that the handle was sound. Had you oiled it? Most of the timber for our handles and shafts comes from woodland in Austria. It is not plantation-grown, but timber that grows at its own pace. I think Viktor Schauberger would have liked your story!

      Best wishes and happy hoeing,


  3. Ona Mactavish (verified owner)

    A beautifully made and lovely versatile tool which can tackle so many jobs in the garden. It’s super sharp and light in weight which makes usually strenuous work easy on the body. I’m so happy with this lovely garden tool and of the excellent service from this small company. Thank you for bringing these tools to us and our gardens.

  4. jfwise (verified owner)

    If you only buy one hoe in your life, this is the one. A joy to use, perfectly balanced in the hand, with a sharp blade that slices through soil, yet is strong enough to rip out dock roots and chop into compacted earth and delicate enough to weed around small seedlings. Implementations are also a great company to deal with, great personal service, they really care about being sustainable in all ways from repairable tools to eco-friendly packaging.

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