Phoenix Hoe


“the most efficient weeder we have had”

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This is the Swiss Army knife of garden hand tools. The two three-inch prongs can break up compacted soil and loosen weed roots. The diamond head digs them out and the side of the blade tidies them out of the way. Then the head is used to firm the soil down afterwards. The diamond head is also used to dig planting holes or make seed drills. The handle is of turned beech wood.

Length: 31cm, 12ins

Weight: 9oz, 230g

Watch Chris Smith of Pennard Plants on the BBC, talking about companion planting (and using his Phoenix Hoe)


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Weight .230 kg
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 8 cm

1 review for Phoenix Hoe

  1. Jane Cobbald

    Some earlier reviews:

    “This tool has been a godsend for all sorts of gardening jobs, including removing nettles and in particular the roots. By far my favourite tool and I wouldn’t be without it!”
    Sandy Jackson

    “Wonderful to use, light but very strong, all my other tools become misshapen very quickly. Plus they are beautiful!”
    Andree Grau

    “I am the proud & happy owner of two Phoenix Hoes – one at home for the garden & one at the allotment. I think they are the best because:
    you can use the diamond head for dandelion roots, making seed drills & working the soil
    the double tines are excellent for getting stubborn clumps of grass out & breaking up the soil around the roots
    it’s very comfortable & the weight is well balanced so it’s a pleasure to use.
    Apart from ‘big digging’, it’s the only tool I use!”
    Judith Roberts

    “We have the Phoenix Hoe and it is the most efficient weeder we have had. It’s brilliant for thistles or weeds in drives especially. The best thing about it is that it gets the whole root out. Brilliant!”
    Emma Brown

    “Phoenix Hoe – my favourite tool! Brilliant for one handed gardening after I broke my arm. Hoe strong enough for almost anything – and beautiful too.”
    Pat Easton

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