Orion Spade


A good general purpose garden spade

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With a bowled shape and pointed blade, a good general-purpose garden spade. It is made of heavy-duty, work-hardened bronze, with a sharp cutting edge. The top of the blade has a lip to put your boot on. The ash shaft is steam-bent into a slight curve, allowing  for good leverage. The T-handle is beech.

Length: 118cm long, 3ft 10ins

Blade 11 3/4 ins, 29cm long and 9 3/4 ins, 25cm wide

Weight:  2.6 kg, 5lb 12oz

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 120 × 25 × 5 cm

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  1. Jane Cobbald

    Some earlier reviews:

    “I really love the spade it is so well balanced. As a small man I do not find it too big. The rake is also excellent with its long reach. Most importantly all tools shed wet soil and are so comfortable to use.”
    Keith Hutchinson, West Yorkshire Organic Group

    “I purchased an Orion Spade about 3 years ago. It is an excellent implement. A good strong handle & a very good deep blade with a curved cutting edge which is excellent for digging. I also have a trowel which is equally good.”
    Dr Ronald Mackenzie

    “I love this spade, it’s the right weight & feels good. This is the first spade I have been able to dig my allotment with & not had back pain! A good strong blade & handle, slightly lighter than stainless steel, so less tiring to use. Being 6′ 2″ tall the handle is the right length. I would recommend this spade to anyone. A worthwhile tool at any price!”
    Roger Dick

    After many years of using the copper tools, for us the most useful tool has to be the orion spade, without it our work of saving the trees would be a lot more difficult. We need to dig large holes up to a metre or two in depth to install our earth repulsators. The tools we use have to conform to the rules of eco-technology(no iron or steel!)and they have to be strong and robust enough to do the job. We can’t wait to put the new copper fork through its’ paces! Thanks for the great tools, great quality and workmanship.
    Buster & Simon, the Talking Trees team
    Talking Trees explore applications of Viktor Schauberger’s ideas where it all started – with the trees. They have used our tools since 2002.

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