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the gardener who has everything probably hasn’t got this ..

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Nunki is an ingenious weeding tool. It has a beech handle and a sharp curved bronze blade, which allows the gardener to scuffle the soil and loosen weed roots in a simple action. The hooped blade allows the gardener to remove mat-forming weeds such as speedwell and chickweed from close to established plants without damaging them. The sharp edges enable the gardener to tidy up between rows of plants in a swift, sweeping action.

Length: 10ins, 26cm

Width: 2 1/2ins, 6.5cm

Weight: 130g, 4 1/2oz

nunki drawingNunki drawing 2


The sharp edges enable the gardener to tidy up between rows of plants in a swift, sweeping action.

And here our friend Anne uses her Nunki Weeder on her raised bed.

And here is a blog post from another Nunki enthusiast.

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Weight .130 kg
Dimensions 26 × 7 × 4 cm

8 reviews for Nunki Weeder

  1. Jane Cobbald

    Some earlier reviews:

    “I have just received the Nunkie weeder. It is indeed an ingenious device! It is not only a weeder it cultivates as well.
    It is especially useful for people like me who have cranky wrists and find it painful to lever hand forks and trowels for weeding on heavy soil.”
    Norman Christie, by email

    “The Nunki Weeder is perfect for dealing with annual weeds between rows of veg, without disturbing the veg.”
    Linda Crags

    “I am setting up an eco friendly gardening business in Lancaster, UK and I have decided to use copper tools for my work. I have already bought a Nuki Weeder and it is the best thing I have ever used in the garden!”
    Anna Friewald

    “Easy tool for the weeder on their knees. With this beauty I weeded a thirty foot raspberry bed in less than thirty minutes. Not bad going is it? Very sharp tool!”
    Andrea, South Derbyshire

    “Yep I use this all the time its brilliant! It doesnt look much but it is my most used tool for shifting weeds between plants. Leaves the soil all crumbly after. Brilliant between my onions.”
    April & Ed, SE London

    “Used it for first time on the gloriously sunny weekend, what a joy. So quick, cleared all the surface weeds on my veg plot in no time. Will certainly recommend it to my gardening friends.”
    Sue Gough

    “I have recently bought several of your tools and am delighted with them – they are not only well designed and efficient but beautiful and very satisfying to use – as a gardener, aesthetics are important and your tools are the best I have ever used. One question – how do I keep them sharp – especially the hoes and the Nunkie Weeder (which by the way is an excellent device and a joy to use).”

    Nicky Marshall, UK

    And here was our answer to her question:

    The tools can be sharpened with an ordinary knife sharpener or sharpening stone. The only difference compared to sharpening a steel blade is that we advise you move the sharpener across the blade at a slow pace, slower than you would when sharpening a steel knife.

  2. Nigel Wickenden (verified owner)

    When I took on my allotment earlier this year I decided to use a deep bed system with the beds sixteen feet long and four wide. I have found that I can easily use this device to hoe between plants that are quite close together. Yes, I have to bend over for quite a while as I have numerous beds but I find that for close, delicate work this little hand hoe is ideal.

  3. Carole Tucker

    This is my favourite gardening tool. I have one on my allotment and one for my garden. The only problem is that it camouflages itself and I can spend ages trying to find it again. A bit of coloured string round the handle helps.

  4. margiehoffnung

    I love this so much I have given it to several of my gardening friends as presents and have 2 in case I inadvertently lose mine. I use it for weeding the whole time and it’s my favourite tool, followed closely by the narrow trowel.

  5. venezia

    Brilliant tool. Just moved into a new home full of weeds and this simply made the job so much easier, it”s a dream to use. As always the tool feels so nice to use, but the nunki turns over the soil to a good depth and that is a real benefit. This is the best gamrden tool I have ever had, full marks.

  6. Wendy (verified owner)

    This was the very first tool I bought and the effectiveness and quality convinced me to try many others. One by one, my original stainless steel tools have been passed on as i gradually replace them with these amazing copper tools. This week my daughter spotted me using the Nunki weeder and requested one for her birthday and I have no doubt she too will be converted. I am currently evaluating the effectiveness against slugs but subjectively, my allotment plot is significantly less troubled by slugs than my neighbours’. Is this because it is extraordinarily weed-free or is it the effect of copper? Hard to say but a pleasing outcome.

  7. Kathryn (verified owner)

    The nunki weeder is absolutely brilliant! It is very sharp, easy and comfortable to use. It clears all sorts of weeds in no time. I’m so glad that I decided to give this unusual-looking tool a try because it far exceeded my expectations. My allotment neighbour tried it and said she will be getting one too. We are both hoping that it will be as effective at keeping away slugs as it is at clearing weeds…

  8. Rbms21 (verified owner)

    What a fabulous tool! Hoeing my beds has become such a pleasure. Slices straight through any weedlings daring to surface. Easier and quicker to use than pulling it out my full length hoe (that makes my arms ache). No idea if it repels slugs but wish i had this ages ago

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