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With its turned beechwood handle and pointed bronze blade, Mira is the favourite tool of one member of the Implementations team (Castor is the favourite of the other member). Its small size means it is handy for container gardening and bulb planting, and any weeding or planting in the flower border or veg bed. We also use it to extract deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions, as the long narrow blade cuts deeply into the soil without disturbing the surrounding plants.

Watch the Mira Trowel in action here:

Length: 12ins, 30.5 cm

Blade: 6 1/2 ins long and just over 2 ins wide, 16.5cm x 5.5cm.

Weight: 180g, 6oz

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Mira Trowel in gift box

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 16.5 cm

5 reviews for Mira Trowel

  1. Jane Cobbald

    Some earlier reviews:

    “I bought a trowel in May 2007 with the promise that it would be replaced should it break. I have a solid clay garden & get through several trowels a year. It is now Sept & it is still working brilliantly. the best trowel I have ever had & well worth every penny. Thank you!”
    Helen Garfield

    note from Implementations: we met Helen three years later and she said the trowel is still going strong.

    “I use the Mira Trowel every day in my job of gardening. It has stood up to the every-day use very well. Especially good is the fact that it won’t rust and as it’s very sharp and light in weight is very easy to use for a long time.”
    Robin Foch-Gattrell, the Garden Helper, Walsall

    “Plant new plants & dig round the soil – no slug damage.

    Dig round hostas in spring as they come into bud. I saw no slug/snail damage until late summer – then just the odd hole. Slugs moved to the ligularia!

    We garden on clay which is often water sodden a slug/snail haven”
    Mrs Thompson, Pebworth

    “I bought this from you at Malvern Spring Fair. So glad I did! I use it for chopping at soil, weeding, planting, allotment and at home; it’s uses are endless. Want a common or garden trowel and handfork? Buy this instead! You really will not regret it.”
    Andrea, South Derbyshire

    “I bought this trowel at the Whitchurch Potato Days about 3 years ago and use it constantly at my allotment. It is lovely to use and is perfect used on its side in a chopping motion to despatch slugs as well as for weeding and planting. I would totally recommend it.”
    Jeanette Jones

  2. Alex

    I’ve had this trowel over 10 years. My scepticism didn’t last long. It’s light, sharp and strong. Amazed how strong it is – I bent the shaft of a Schneeboer stainless steel trowel, levering in heavy ground – this bronze trowel has proved much stronger.
    The blade is worn on one side, filed down by weeding block paving. but that’s the only job where I’ve found steel to be preferable. This one’s good for all other small trowel jobs, e.g. rockery work, planting small bulbs, fiddling in packed borders etc.
    There is now a little play in the handle but it’s still usable, despite being mowed (handle planed flat on one side) and lost in the garden one winter (needed some tlc when I finally found it).
    I use this trowel less than at first as now I have a Musca trowel too which is first choice for many jobs, being larger.

    • Jane Cobbald

      Thank you for the feedback. If your Mira trowel head has come loose it is quite straightforward to fix (if you have the right equipment). Here is a short youtube video showing how to replace a handle. The tang can be hammered and rasped so that it fits more tightly in the handle. Or you can post it back to us and we’ll do it for you. (Wrap it so that no sharp edges protrude, and make sure to ask for a proof of posting when you take it to the post office, in case it goes astray).

  3. Wendy (verified owner)

    This slim, sharp, elegant trowel never leaves my side in the garden. No deep-rooted weed is safe – swiftly and efficiently removed in a trice. I use it for all my planting out as it makes just the right sized hole for my small plants and module-raised seedlings. Thus far I have also avoided the dreaded slug and snail attacks.

  4. Ona Mactavish

    I received this lovely trowel on Valentines day from my husband and could not be happier with such a beautiful gift. It’s lovely to work with, perfectly balanced in weight and super sharp with plenty strength for getting out deep roots. Great for potting up and planting out veg plugs and bulbs in containers etc. I love working with it, we shall see how it deals with snails over time.

  5. jfwise (verified owner)

    I ve had my Mira trowel now for over 15 years and as a professional gardener it is the first hand tool I reach for for any close up work. its light and balanced in the hand, with sharp edges and a fine tip to slice through the soil fast and accurately with minimal effort. As the Description says, you can use it for planting bulbs, extracting stubborn dandelion and dock roots, drawing rows for seeds, fine hoeing between delicate plants, – you name it, it does it! I also very much appreciate the fact that it is repairable, should the need arise. All Implementations tools come in very well thought out eco- friendly recyclable packaging too, so the ethos of the company is consistent as a planet-friendly sustainable business. Thank you Implementations.

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