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“The one tool I would rescue from my shed if it caught fire”

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With its curved shape on two planes for ease of working, Castor is a design classic. It has a beech handle and pointed, heart-shaped bronze blade. With its sharp edge and scoop shape, we find it is the most practical trowel for general weeding and planting.

Length: 12ins, 30.5cm including handle.

Blade: 6 1/2ins, 16.5cm long, maximum width 3 1/4 ins, 8.5cm.
Weight 8oz, 225g.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 8.5 cm

3 reviews for Castor Trowel

  1. Jane Cobbald

    Some earlier reviews:

    Bob Flowerdew was a member of the panel on Gardeners’ Question Time on BBC Radio 4 on 12th November 2006.

    One question was:

    “What technological advances are the panel currently enjoying?”

    And Bob’s answer:

    “… an amazing trowel. The trouble is, so many trowels are blunt, they’re heavy, they’re thick and they’re hard work. There’s a new one that’s been out for a few years. It’s made of phosphor bronze. It’s shaped more like a heart, it’s got a point to it, it’s curved, and when you stick it into the ground it just seems to bite its own way in. It makes digging holes in the hard soil easy work. And the edge is so hard and sharp like a sword. It doesn’t blunt and I can use it to weed with as well. Absolutely 1000 times better than any other trowel on the market. Fantastic.”

    (and we knew it was our trowel, because we had sold it to him a couple of years previously)

    ‘Trowels from Implementations are unlike any other I’ve ever used. They may cost more than most trowels, but in every way you’ll be gaining: they feel like they were made for your hand only, they do the job better than any other and I’ve never known one decline in usability, never mind break. Get a cheap one and there’s no pleasure in its use and you’ll buy endless replacements. Buy one from Implementations and enjoy using it for years and years. There’s no choice as far as I’m concerned’.

    Mark Diacono,

    author of Veg Patch: River Cottage Handbook No.4 (by email)

    ‘The Ferrari Dinos of Trowels’, ‘beautifully made, perfectly weighted, sharp and fit for purpose’.

    Allan Jenkins in The Observer Magazine on 22nd June 2008.

    I’ve long been a fan of the copper tools from implementations and Jane was showing prototypes of her latest design at Malvern. The British-made sieves will be added to the range shortly – in the meantime I will mention once more say that her Castor trowel is my favourite tool – ever.
    Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor of Country Living Magazine

    Just used the Castor trowel my daughters bought me for my birthday for the first time. Much lighter, sharper and thinner than stainless steel, but just as strong. Slices into the ground easily for both planting and for weeding. Very well balanced and feels like an extension of your hand. An absolute delight to use. Worth every penny.

    Mark Thirgood

    The Castor trowel is a great size for scooping large amounts of earth, vermiculite. grit and compost etc
    Pat Morris

  2. Barbara Rumsey

    I love my copper trowel. It’s my favourite tool in my shed. Using it is such a pleasure.

  3. venezia

    Super trowel. Have had this for years and it’s great. The handle just moulds to my hand and love the sharpness of the blade to cut through the soil.

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