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Found my Mira Trowel!

My 15-year-old Mira Trowel disappeared in the garden last spring. I couldn’t find it anywhere. And this afternoon, there it was, stuck in a flowerbed where I had left it. The leaves had died back to expose it. The blade and handle (which was oiled every year) are as good as when I last used it, but the ferrule is a bit rusted.

Not bad – a great start to 2019!

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Where do the tool handles come from?



maia dibbers

Here are some of the Maia Dibbers. The one nearest the front is made of apple wood. A neighbour of PKS in Austria contacted them to ask if they wanted the wood from an apple tree they were about to cut down.

Other handles are oak, ash and beech, all locally sourced. We can’t guarantee which wood your dibber handle will be made of. It depends which trees were ready to be felled recently.

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Creative packaging

packaging 001

Packing the larger tools to arrive safely is a challenge. We now use cardboard rolls from a local carpet shop to protect the shafts, and used cardboard from a local department store for the ends. Economical and environmentally friendly, we hope. Here is a Sirius Hoe,…/product-de…/25/sirius-hoe
ready for collection by the delivery company.