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Gravity assisted

Endorsement from customer David, a health professional. He uses the Atlas Pick, but the reasoning he gives is also valid for the Sirius Hoe, Pegasus Pick, Merak Drag Fork and Tuza Mattock.

If you have navigated to implementations then you are looking at purchasing high quality gardening hand tools. Each tool is manufactured and designed so that it is more efficient when working resulting in being able to do more but at the same time reduce the stresses placed on the body. This stress is often the cause of pain particularly lower back. Pain from gardening is something that takes the pleasure out of something that you take great pleasure from.

Why, because tools such as the Atlas Pick are ergonomically designed better for their particular purpose. They rely on a swing action with gravity to assist. The long shafts improve efficiency of the tool with added leverage whilst working in an upright posture. Next a pulling action using again the upper body. It is a natural fluid motion. The bronze heads and shaped ash handles are forgiving and absorb energy when working.

In contrast consider using a spade. One uses body weight to penetrate the soil, this places more loading of the spine on the left or right side which can expose back issues. Then one levers away from the body often lifting the soil at the same time. This motion is not fluid or natural and places greater strain on the lower back, this is made worse by the short shaft which necessitates one to bend the back. The back is vulnerable when  loading whilst bent but add a little rotation whilst bending over and one increases this vulnerability further.

One has to use the PKS bronze tool in a different way to the conventional British tools but when one has mastered its correct use you will wonder why the tools developed for gardening use in the UK ever became the standard. It does not make sense to continue using tools that take more energy to use and can cause pain and injury.

Why use tools that can reduce the pleasure you get out of something you love. Buying a gravity-assisted tool will not be a decision that you will regret.

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A game changer

A recent thread on (requesting ideas for a birthday gift for a person who loves gardening):

“… has she got one of these? It’s a Nunki copper weeding tool. Bronze with a curved beech handle. My sister, who has every gardening tool in the armoury, recently got one of these simple but lethal gadgets and says it is a game changer. And looks beautiful too. Just kind of grubs out weeds without leaving any root behind. £29. Perfect.?

(Full link here, But it will be removed after 90 days:…/2930598-Quick-what-can-I-get-for-…)

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Feedback from the US

“I keep thinking I don’t need any more tools but I always find one when I have a few extra dollars, and I love them like pets.  Even if all the claims made about them are not true, it makes a huge difference to me to be using a tool of such beauty, made by hand and with “history” you might say, and with that attitude it seems everything in the garden thrives.”

from an email from customer Kathryn, contemplating her next order. The exchange rate is good for US customers at the moment, by the way!

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Shout it from the rooftops …

“My daughter bought me for Christmas some of your really great gardening implements. I love them….but the point of this message is to tell you that the Hive Tool is absolutely loved by my bees. They really like to crawl all over it and don’t mind a bit when it is used to pull their home apart for the purpose of inspection. So thank you so much for making this lovely tool.

Cheers, Pat Brown. Beekeeper for 35 years.”

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Our customers are our ambassadors

This email arrived in our inbox this morning. What a lovely start to the day:

“I have just found the receipt for my hydra hoe and to my amazement it is dated Jun  08. ( Hellen’s Garden Extraveganza).   Despite constant use and quite a lot of the time on gravelly or stony soil it remains sharp (although the blade is narrowing).  At the time I thought I was mad buying such an expensive implement but I convinced myself to go ahead because of the success of the Nunki Weeder I had been given as a birthday present.  Looking back it was money very well spent indeed.  My implementations tools are the best I own.  Ill be back for a new blade in due course.”