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First name into the hat …

St Lukes Trust in Padworth, Berkshire

Nominator Michael says:

“st. luke’s trust is a charity that supports people with disabilities enabling them to become more independent.
With a large garden, we provide a peaceful yet productive space where tenants can work at their own pace and develop skills in a supportive and caring environment.

Apart from enabling tenants to grow their own produce, our large garden means we will have a regular supply of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Our tenants take part in all aspects of the produce; choosing what is planted, maintaining/watering and eventually the picking and harvesting. This gives all tenants a sense of achievement and they take pride in this activity, and large beds means all tenants have the chance to take part no matter what their level of disability.
i think if the charity was to recieve the gift it would be spent on smaller hand tools as these are the one’s used most by the tenants.”
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The water’s tribute to Viktor Schauberger

For Viktor Schauberger, the water was alive. If he was right and if the water could speak, maybe this is what it would say of him.

He saw us. Not many of your kind are able to do that.

He saw the complexity of who we are. He marvelled at the intricacy, beauty and simplicity of the shapes we form and move out from as we flow.

He loved us.

He was able to feel the swirls within swirls within swirls that are our joy and reflection of the movement of our Mother, the Earth.

He knew that our movement is our life, our expression, our buoyancy.

When he was a child, he sat on the bank and played with us.

We felt him as he followed our flow with his mind. This was a rare treat for us.  We loved it when he moved with us in that way.

When as an adult he came to us in a moment of need, how could we not respond? We felt his desperation as he stood by the bank of a stream. He asked for our help. We showed ourselves to him. For him, it was a moment that changed the course of his life. From then on, we were joined.

In his free moments he drew what he saw of us in his mind. He made many drawings, and pondered on them.

He was saddened that most humans did not see us as he did. He saw that their actions made us sick and reduced our vitality, our healing quality. He wanted to do, to make things better. He built devices. They were beautiful, like us, their inspiration.

Some of his devices over-stimulated us. But we still loved him, as he loved us.

He looked for a formula and was disappointed when he couldn’t find one. We wanted to tell him, “We are very good at what we do already. Your love is enough for us. That makes us sparkle with joy. And when we sparkle with joy then we are enlivened and all is well. Your love is precious to us.”

But even though we were with him always, he couldn’t hear us.

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The christmas gift in use

Message from Klara at Fountain Hill:

One of the girls loved your Phoenix hoe so much that she said to her mum that she will help at home in the garden if she can be using similar tool.  We REALLY LOVE your tools. Thank you very much!!!!!!! As we live in west Wales it rains alot = happy fat slugs. So I hoe with your toools around cougettes, young comfrey and all the other plants slugs would love and until now it worked. Our very free range chickens love the slugs too.

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Frau Ingeborg Schauberger

Frau Schauberger, Viktor’s daughter-in-law and Walter’s widow, died early this morning at the age of 101.


She was an extraordinary lady. I first met her when she was in her mid-eighties. She was sharp, intelligent and articulate. She dedicated her life to promoting the work of her father-in-law and then her husband. Here is the transcript of an interview I did with her in 2004.

I feel richer for having known her.

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A game changer

A recent thread on (requesting ideas for a birthday gift for a person who loves gardening):

“… has she got one of these? It’s a Nunki copper weeding tool. Bronze with a curved beech handle. My sister, who has every gardening tool in the armoury, recently got one of these simple but lethal gadgets and says it is a game changer. And looks beautiful too. Just kind of grubs out weeds without leaving any root behind. £29. Perfect.?

(Full link here, But it will be removed after 90 days:…/2930598-Quick-what-can-I-get-for-…)

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IWONE 2017

IET’s areas of research are inspired by the work of Viktor Schauberger, as are our tools.

From the email invitation:

You are invited to participate in the 8th International Workshop on
Natural Energies (IWONE 2017), Friday August 4th – Sunday August 6th,
2017, at Höör (outside Malmö) in Sweden.

With two years since the last IWONE in 2015, it is time for a new
opportunity to present and discuss unconventional research in an open and relaxed atmosphere.

IWONE is a workshop covering non-traditional ways to affect water flow,
water quality, plants, weather and eco-systems, as well as
non-traditional alternative energy sources. Historically the workshop
has had a focus on ideas related to the Austrian naturalist Viktor
Schauberger. The workshop is organized by Institute of Ecological
Technology (IET) – a non-profit foundation and distributed
self-organizing research institute, situated in Sweden.

Focus Areas

Focus areas for IWONE 2017 will be:

* Non-traditional alternative energy sources

* Alternative water flow

* How to structure alternative research on water