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A game changer

A recent thread on (requesting ideas for a birthday gift for a person who loves gardening):

“… has she got one of these? It’s a Nunki copper weeding tool. Bronze with a curved beech handle. My sister, who has every gardening tool in the armoury, recently got one of these simple but lethal gadgets and says it is a game changer. And looks beautiful too. Just kind of grubs out weeds without leaving any root behind. £29. Perfect.😉

(Full link here, But it will be removed after 90 days:…/2930598-Quick-what-can-I-get-for-…)

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IWONE 2017

IET’s areas of research are inspired by the work of Viktor Schauberger, as are our tools.

From the email invitation:

You are invited to participate in the 8th International Workshop on
Natural Energies (IWONE 2017), Friday August 4th – Sunday August 6th,
2017, at Höör (outside Malmö) in Sweden.

With two years since the last IWONE in 2015, it is time for a new
opportunity to present and discuss unconventional research in an open and relaxed atmosphere.

IWONE is a workshop covering non-traditional ways to affect water flow,
water quality, plants, weather and eco-systems, as well as
non-traditional alternative energy sources. Historically the workshop
has had a focus on ideas related to the Austrian naturalist Viktor
Schauberger. The workshop is organized by Institute of Ecological
Technology (IET) – a non-profit foundation and distributed
self-organizing research institute, situated in Sweden.

Focus Areas

Focus areas for IWONE 2017 will be:

* Non-traditional alternative energy sources

* Alternative water flow

* How to structure alternative research on water

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Feedback from the US

“I keep thinking I don’t need any more tools but I always find one when I have a few extra dollars, and I love them like pets.  Even if all the claims made about them are not true, it makes a huge difference to me to be using a tool of such beauty, made by hand and with “history” you might say, and with that attitude it seems everything in the garden thrives.”

from an email from customer Kathryn, contemplating her next order. The exchange rate is good for US customers at the moment, by the way!

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And the recipient is …

The recipient of the Implementations 2016 christmas gift …

of £120 worth of our tools …

of the ventures nominated by our customers …

The names were put into a hat yesterday …

Nigel’s mum pulled out one …

and it was …

The Fountainhill Creative Education Centre in West Wales, nominated by Maryam.

Wishing them (and everyone else) a very happy Christmas!

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Next Christmas Gift nomination

Kiveton Park and Wales CDT gardening group


Here is what nominator Bridget has to say about it:

“In 1997 the coal mine in Kiveton Park and Wales was closed with a loss of 1000 jobs. This was devastating for our village. The Community Development Trust was set up, based in the old colliery offices, to help the community get back on its feet. We helped people search for jobs and provided training to help them increase their employment skills.

“Nineteen years later the village has largely recovered. There are new housing estates and the population has risen to 11,000 but there are still pockets of serious deprivation. We are a proud lot and we want to bring back the pride in our village and community spirit that we used to have. We are starting a gardening group which will maintain the public spaces and will ‘green up’ the whole village.

“We haven’t started yet so we don’t have any pictures of us at work but here is a picture of the old colliery office with the expanse of lawn in front. Wait and see what it’ll look like in the future!”