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Dear gardener

Welcome to our twice-yearly newsletter. We have two new tools to introduce to you, as well as some additions to our range of garden gear. And we will also be asking for your nominations to receive this year's Implementations Christmas Gift.


It has been a good summer in our garden in the centre of England.

This was how it looked in the spring, with the beans already climbing the poles and the raised beds full of potential.

And here are the same raised beds, with broccoli, chard, kale and perennial greens to add to our meals through the winter. Our aim was that it should provide nourishment for the senses as well as our stomachs, and it is continuing to do so. The winter flowering jasmine is now in bloom, and should continue until the spring flowers come back in the new year.

New tools 

Two hand tools have been added to the range this year. First, the Chara Hand Hoe.  With its curved swan neck we think it runs pretty close to the Mira Trowel as the most beautiful tool in the collection. 

The other addition is the Enif Weeder.                          

It has a similar handle to the Corvus Weeder, and a no-nonsense prong for hoicking out weeds from confined spaces.

Garden Gear

Our aprons are now available in cotton canvas with an extra top pocket, as well as in red and blue hemp fabric.

But the main new addition is our bucket toolbag.                 They are inspired by a suggestion from one of our customers. They have five outer pockets and a reinforced handle. They sit beside you as you work, and then can be carried like a shoulder bag.

The Implementations Christmas Gift

Each year we ask our customers to nominate a charitable or community venture that they feel would benefit from a gift of our tools. The 2016 recipient was the Fountainhill Education Centre in Wales.

Here, one of the Fountainhill team puts their new Castor Trowel to use.

We have increased the value of the gift this year, to £250 worth of tools. Please send your suggestion and tell us a little about it.Your nomination will be posted on our Facebook page and blog page. All of the names will be put into a hat and the recipient will be announced just before Christmas. If you have put forward a name in a previous year and it wasn't the winning one, please feel free to submit it again.

We wish you a sparkling season and lots of fresh ideas for the new year

Warm greetings from Jane and Nigel

Ansley Village, Nuneaton, Warks CV10 9PG UK, tel 02476 392497

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