Dear gardener

Welcome to our twice-yearly newsletter. It is late autumn in the centre of England - time to put the garden to bed for the winter. We have been collecting leaves for the leaf mould bin, planting bulbs (both flowering and edible) and spreading compost over the exposed areas of soil. We have two leaf mould bins (although 'bin' is a grand term for a hoop of chicken wire). One will be emptied in the spring, to condition our heavy clay soil. The leaves we have collected this autumn will have a couple of winters to break down. That way, the leaves that cover the lawn present an opportunity rather than a chore. We have three compost bins, made of scrounged wooden pallets. At any time one is being emptied, one is full and resting and one is being filled, variously with kitchen scraps, weeds, lawn clippings, chicken poo and wood ash.

The Nunkis are back

The Nunki was the brainchild of our original coppersmith, Franz (who retired nearly ten years ago). Since then it has become one of our most popular tools. After an absence of three months we are happy to announce it is back into the range.

New tools

Just arrived - the Alya Spade. Alya is the same basic design as the Auva Spade, but with a much more pointed blade. Jane thinks it is even more beautiful than the Auva, but Nigel still prefers the Auva.

And arriving in a week or so - the Atik mini-rake. Atik has a full rake head, but half the width of our conventional Perseus Rake. It comes in two sizes: with a 12-inch beech wood handle, or with a long, flexible, lightweight limewood shaft just under 5 feet long.  

Garden Gear

As well as looking beautiful from the outside, we think our tools have an honesty to materials that gives them a more throughout beauty. They feel good in the hand and we believe they are kind to the soil too.  Our tool pouch maker, Anne, has a similar philosophy. Recently she has expanded her range. Her clothes look and feel simple and right from the inside-out. inside-and-out

First up - the crossover apron. Made of reversible linen to a traditional Japanese design, it slips over the head. No ties or buckles. Too good to wear in the garden, perhaps ...


And there is the flower-power smock. Made of heavy-duty cotton canvas, it has an up-cycled floral trim on the collar, cuffs and pocket. As with our tools, Anne's clothes are not standardised or mass-produced. The fabrics are made in small batches, so there will be slight variations from one to the next. However, we will of course let you know of any significant changes.

 Loyalty discount

Implementations has decided to swim against the tide of introductory offers. We also want to sweeten the pill of possible price increases in the new year. So - when your total purchases from us reach £500, we will give you a 5% refund on your next purchase. When your total purchases reach £1000, we will give you a 10% refund on your next buy. You don't need to do anything. We will keep an eye on how much you have spent with us, and let you know.

Christmas is coming ...

Which of course is the time of the Implementations Christmas Gift. Can you suggest a charity or community venture which you think would benefit from a gift of £120 worth of our tools? Each nomination will be published on our blog and Facebook page. All of the names will be put into a hat just before Christmas, and the recipient will be announced in the spring newsletter.

And that means packing presents ...

From now until Christmas, we will provide a free gift box with each order of two or more small tools.  

We wish you an enjoyable Christmas season and good gardening in the new year.

Warm wishes from Jane and Nigel

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